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Welcome to The Netta Group!

What's in the roots comes out in the branches was one of my mother's favorite expressions that I heard frequently as I was growing up.  In my youth, it didn't make much sense that is, until I became a leader and learned the importance of nurturing talent. As an avid gardener, I am always amazed as I watch the transformation from sowing a seed, feeding it nutrients,  seeing it grow tall and strong and bear fruit.

So it is with people. When you nurture talent by providing opportunities, coaching, development and support, you develop leaders  who will impact many.  I look forward to being on the journey with you through your life and career growth!

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Team Development

Everything DiSC®

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

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Building an Inclusive Workplace

Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership


Benchmarks® 360 Assessments

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Leadership Practice Inventory

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